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Hire Animatronic Creatures for events

Hire Dinosaurs, Robots, Transformers, Gorillas and more

Hire robot monkeys
Hire a Robot
Hire a Dragon
Hire a Lion
Robot dragon hire for events
Hire a Robot gorilla
Hire Giant Transformers
Dinosaur Hire
Hire a dinosaur

The wonderful world of robots!  Hire dinosaurs, robots, transformers, gorillas and many more creatures for your event.  Our Animatronic engineers have worked all over the world providing fantastic beasts to film sets, publicity stunts, special events and exhibitions to name but a few.

Hire A dinosaur for your Jurassic themed event, TV advert,  film set or any other event. 

Perhaps you need to hire a Robot or a transformer for a product launch or corporate function. 

Robotic Animals for hire such as lions and gorillas.

Smaller robots available along with a vast range of related props. 

We've even a range of super realistic superheros so if you need to hire Batman or Superman we've got it covered! 

Do please get in touch to discuss your creature hire needs. 

Dinosaur Hire, Robot Hire, Gorilla Hire, Giant Gorillas, Transformer hire. 

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