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Mobile Escape Room Hire | Team Building Games 

Escape Room Hire

Escape Room Hire

Bring a Mobile Escape room to your office, let the mystery begin.

Follow the clues, unravel the truth.

Follow the clues, unravel the truth.

Games designed to promote team work, logical thought processes and more importantly fun!

Escape Room Items

Escape Room Items

Our top Secret Mobile Escape Rooms arrive straight to your desk, no breakout space needed.

Mobile Escape Room Hire  

Brand New Concept for team building / staff treats. 

Our team bring highly classified Escape Boxes containing a mystery that must be solved.  Following the cryptic clues, unlocking the boxes using Media, Augmented Reality, diffusing bombs not to mention lot's of locks!

Your staff will be baffled, amused and perplexed at the mysteries.  Teams must communicate with each other to piece together the puzzle before them.

Alternatively individuals can work to solve their own mystery and a time score be kept for an office competition. 

Activities from 20 minutes - an hour. 

Desktop / Breakout area options or we can build a physical Escape Room on site brimming with mystery!

Get in touch to discuss your event today. 

Combination Lock
Combination Lock Safe
Escape Rooms for Offices

Mobile Escape Room Hire, Team Building Events, Team Building Activities. 

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