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Chocolate Fountain Hire, still delicious!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I've always loved chocolate fountains, they create an amazing aroma, they look fantastic and guests allwayyss indulge! (or over indulge). A lot of clients seem to think they have gone out of fashion in some way but to me they are timeless and remain a fantastic addition to any event. There are some new and different options you can have as an alternative to chocolate, did you know you can run custard through a fountain and have spotted dick and little cakes to dip?! Such an incredible dessert, or for after dinner you can run Baileys through ;-)

With attendant staff they really aren't messy at all as long as you don't put them outside in the wind (chocolate covered guests).

Here at Love Candy Floss we can provide the fancy new cascade fountains, various coloured chocolates, Fruit Palm trees and the Worlds Largest Chocolate Fountain that will feed over a 1000 guests and stands at 9ft tall!

Go on add one to your party!

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