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The Perfect Candy Floss Hire for your event

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Candy Floss Cart Hire | Tricycle Image

Here at Love Candy Floss you can imagine we know our stuff when it comes to Candy Floss Machines! We have been hiring candy floss machines to events for well over a decade now and have been into some of the most weird and wonderful venues in the UK and beyond.

Nowadays we offer a really wide range of Candy Floss Machine Hire Services from table top machines right up to large Funky Tricycles.

The Small Candy Floss Carts are great for Exhibitions and events where space is limited. They are so cute and come in a variety of designs, The small Candy Floss machines can be totally branded with your design so all your guests know who to thank for the sweet goodness.

We now have LED Candy Floss and Popcorn Machines to hire too, these are fantastic for an evening party and you can have glowing candy floss sticks to add to the effect. These are reasonably small in footprint again so great for expos and small venues.

The Large Candy Floss Tricycles are fantastic, making a huge impact at any function. These eye catching tricycles can again be branded with your design.

Candy Floss comes in lot's of flavours and colours so you don't need to stick with traditional pink.

Flavours like: Purple Grape, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Orange, Lemon Yellow can help keep on brand for your company further.

We are just adding a few new styles of candy floss machines to hire to our Candy Floss page, watch this space.

Small Candy Floss Machine Hire

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