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New Mini Melts Ice Cream Hire Service

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Mini Melts Ice Cream Hire

Brand new service Mini Melts Ice cream is proving popular already, even for winter events!

Here we are at the end of last year with a branded bar for the launch of Smallfoot.

Mini Melts Ice Cream Bar to Hire for your event.

Super Cool New Service. Mini Melts Ice Cream Stands, these tiny little ice cream balls melt in your mouth for an amazing taste sensation and are the new kid on the block for event treats.

Made using liquid nitrogen the ice cream is rapidly frozen into little balls, the rapid freezing locks in the flavour for that taste explosion.

The stand itself and the containers can be custom printed to display your brand for all to see.

Try it for your event! Get in tuch to book now. Call 01525 840847

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