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Party at home

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Hiring staff and services for small parties can sometimes go over budget but we still want to help bring happiness to your guests.

I've handpicked some of the best mini versions of the various items we offer for large events. Most of these are only suited to very small parties of around 30 guests.

First up, our favourite! Candy Floss machines, although these aren't quite the same as the huge ones we hire, they are still quite fun to play with and will serve some little candy flosses to your guests.

Popcorn Machines

In my opinion a popcorn machine is an essential kitchen gadget but they are equally fun for parties. I've even seen them used as table centres, although they do need power cables which need to be tucked away somehow. Below are our Amazon picks for little parties.

Chocolate Fountains

These are quite temperamental to use so I would suggest buying the chocolate designed to go in them rather than running to the shops for chocolate buttons.

Slush Machines

Great for summer, it's nice to have a couple of machines to have more than one flavour if your budget allows, that way your guests can make rainbow slush.


There are so many fun displays available for your sweets and treats. These can be used to present savoury foods as well to dress up and theme your buffet.

Party Bags

Fill your own party bags, why not have party guests pick their treats from the grabber machine or collect the pinata bounty.

Mini Arcade

Kids and adults alike love an arcade and there are a good range of table top options available on Amazon.