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Robot Fighting Arena - Robot Wars Style Game for Events

We're always looking for fun ideas for events and exhibitions and this one is simply fabulous.  Our techy experts have come up with a Robot Wars style game to entertain your guests.  Inspired by the TV Series Robot Wars our clever engineers have come up with their own set of robots.  An arena is included in the hire so your robots can fight it out while guests remain in safety behind the barriers. 


Is it safe?  Yes the robots fight within the polycarbonate arena.  Risk Assessments have been carried out for this activity and are available on booking.

What comes with it? We install the arena at your venue, bring along the robots, remote controls and a member of staff to oversee the activity. The game comes with sound effects, smoke machine, lighting and everything needed to run the activity. 

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robot fighting arena hire for events Have Robot Wars at your party
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