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Scalextric Track Hire

Scalextric Track Hire London
Giant Scalextric Track
Mega Scalextric Track Hire
Scalextric Hire London
Scalextric Track Digital london

Undoubtedly the best Scalextric track to hire anywhere in the UK, the scale model track is a masterpiece! 

Available in 6 lane Scalextric Track Hire

Digital Lane Change Scalextric Hire

8 Lane Scalextric

4 Lane Scalextric 

and compact for smaller events or exhibition stands. 

Our Scalextric Experts are hugely enthusiastic about slot car racing, each race begins with Grand Prix music, the track has sound effects such as engine revs, crashing sounds and crowd cheers.  Competition can become quite fierce! 

Hire A Scalextric - Slot Car Racing Track for your corporate event or party

Giant Scalextric Track Hire is available to events Nationwide

Scalextric Track Hire London
Scalextric, Racing track hire
James Bond Theme Event Scalextric Hire

Scalextric Hire is available to London, Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge, Birmingham, Brighton, Bournemouth, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Exeter, York and all the places in between.  Scalextric Hire for events is available throughout Europe on request.

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