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Branded Safe Cracker Game Hire - Vault

Custom Branded Exhibition Game - Safe Cracker, the Vault. Crack the code to win the prize within.

Service Description

We offer Custom Branded Safe Cracker Game Hire for Events and Exhibitions. This one is fab for shell scheme tradeshow's due to it's small footprint. The custom branding makes it your own and the prize can be anything you choose to place inside. How it works: Guests attempt to crack the code to open the safe and win the prize. Installed on the safe is a lock which requires a four digit pin to open it. You can limit guests to one turn or give them multiple attempts. Any gift or prize can be placed inside the glass box and is clearly visible to the guests. The Crack the Code Vault Game is 30cm square so only takes a small amount of space on your trade stand. A single Power socket is required for the lights inside the safe.

  • Liverpool|Cambridge|Milton Keynes|Manchester|Exeter|Leeds|Sheffield|Bristol|London|Newcastle upon Tyne|Edinburgh|Birmingham|GB

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