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Custom Branded Batak Game Hire

Custom Branded Batak Lite Game for exhibitions, team build and promotional events.

Service Description

Custom branded Batak lite game hire. The Batak Lite machine is smaller in size and developed with a closer focus on entertainment rather than exercise. With just eight lights, it’s perfect for parties and events. Choose from a variety of game modes, including the popular Accumulator mode where targets appear and disappear at random, testing your speed and agility. Make your event unforgettable with our custom branded Batak lite game hire. Also available Batak Pro which is a larger version. Branding: Full Branding options Unit Size: 1.1m x 0.9m x 1.78m Capacity: 80 users per hour Power Requirements: 13amp standard socket Suitable for: Indoors or outdoors with suitable shelter.

  • Areas Covered - United Kingdom

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