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Mini Melts Ice Cream ( like Dippin Dots)

Mini Melts Pop up Ice Cream Cart for events. Serving Mini Melts Branded Ice Cream Balls

Service Description

Mini Melts Ice Cream Pop Up for events throughout London and the South East. Travel further afield if required, fees apply. Serving delicious Mini Melts ice cream in a range of scrumptious flavours. Hire this fun ice cream bike as an alternative to your traditional ice cream van or cart. What are Mini Melts? Tiny cryogenically frozen nuggets of ice cream, frozen so quickly they end up without air bubbles and it preserves the flavour making a totally new eating experience. Product info can be found here Also available in Big, we called them Mega Melts! Suitable for Indoor events or outside with appropriate cover. We require a power socket Access: For the bike the size is 2.2m x 1.1m we need flat double door access to your event space. If space is an issue get in touch as we have a few other set up options for this one. Mini Melts Ice Cream Hire comes staffed and stocked ready to serve your guests. Mini Melts are a close alternative to Dippin Dots found in the USA.

  • Liverpool|Cambridge|Milton Keynes|Manchester|Exeter|Leeds|Sheffield|Bristol|London|Newcastle upon Tyne|Edinburgh|Birmingham

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