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Virtual Reality Headset Hire for Events

Virtual Reality Headset Hire VR experience, staffed for events.

Service Description

Virtual Reality Headset hire for event entertainment, huge range of games to choose from. Staffed activity for a wide range of events. VR Game Top Choices: Beat Saber – The classic VR game that is popular at all events. Using the two lightsabers, slice the blocks in the correct direction whilst bopping to the music Highly Addictive Pistol Whip – John Wick meets Dance Dance. You have to shoot the enemies in time to the music and duck and dodge bullets Space Pirate Trainer – Space invaders for the VR age – choose your weapon and go between two guns or a gun and a shield Sports Scramble – Imagine bowling with a wheel of cheese or a child’s toy. Has to be experienced to see just how much fun it can be Gun Club - Shoot the targets and get the highest score. Realistic gun simulation including reloading How accurate will you be Angry Birds - The same as on the phone, yet in 3d VR. Play on the custom built levels seeing how quickly and with how few birds you can complete the level, however bear in mind the level is made harder than normal Fruit Ninja – More energetic as your whole body will get a workout and not just your swiping finger. The bombs in this are brutal so you have to be so much more precise Other options to bear in mind but might not be first choices ( ie down to the games taking longer than a minute or two or harder to score ) Thrill of the fight – Boxing game however need to bear in mind people might move around – It's also a great workout and the only stamina in the game, is your own in real life. Richie’s Plank Experience - Players have to walk the plank, about 20 stories up. No way to score this but an amazing experience to see how realistic VR is. Death Lap - Mad Max meets Mario Kart - A little more intense experience as you drive around a race track filled with other drivers wanting to blast you off the road The Climb – Ever wanted to climb a mountain but not keen on the cold weather ( or the heights ) then experience VR climbing, how fast can you climb and how far can you get We can also order games in to suit your event if needed. Space required varies with the game you would like to play. Power is required for this activity.

  • Areas Covered - United Kingdom

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