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Zorb Event Hire  

Water Zorb Tunnels

Water Zorb Tunnels

Zorb Event Hire - Page Under Construction !!

Zorb Event Hire, hire all kinds of Zorbing activities for your event .  

Available Zorb Hire options:

Aqua Roller Hire for Swimming Pool Parties - various pool locations available to book your party.

Bubble Zorb Arena Hire - Run around in a giant Zorb Bubble bumping into friends or colleagues as you go.

Bubble Zorb Football - Football but you're in a bubble!

Add on Football Darts - Giant inflatable Darts Board, practice your scoring skills

Human Zorb Bowling - Run your zorb to knock down giant inflatable skittles 

Lake Zorbing - Hire giant Zorb Balls to use on water

Land Zorbing Arena - To use on grassed area, Zorbing Hamster Style

Zorb Racing - Ready Set Go, race your opponents to the finish.

Whatever your event as long as you have some space we can certainly offer a zorbing hire option for you. 

Zorb Event Hire
Water Roller hire
Zorb Skittles

Zorb Arena Hire is available to London, Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge, Birmingham, Brighton, Bournemouth, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Exeter, York and all the places in between.  Zorb Event Hire  for events is available throughout Europe on request.

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