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Breakfast Pop Up For events 

Breakfast Pop up

Breakfast Pop up

Pastries and Coffee Breakfast pop ups for events

Breakfast waffles

Breakfast waffles

Crepes, waffles Granola etc.

Breakfast bar hire

Breakfast bar hire

Hire a breakfast bar for your event.

Breakfast Pop ups for your event. 

We've a range of bars and Tricycles that can offer Breakfast for your event.  The Tricycles have a relatively small footprint, we are keen to work with you to produce the cuisine you would like with the limited space available. 

Office Breakfast items we have provided so far:

Breakfast Burritos  - Eggs, Sausages, Bacon, Lettuce, sauces in a tortilla wrap.

Continental Breakfast - Coffee, Croissants, Danish Pastries, Pain au chocolat and Breakfast muffins

Breakfast Waffles - Served with fresh fruits, Natural Yogurt and Granola 

Breakfast Crepes - Served with Cheese and Ham, Bacon and Eggs, Lemon and Sugar etc. 

Healthy Smoothies and Granola - Fruits, Natural Yogurt and Seed boosts

Toast and Jam - you can even brand your toast! 

English Breakfast Pop Up 

Spanish Churros Stall Hire 

Hot Chocolate and Pastries 

Champagne Breakfast

If you have any particular ideas let us know and we will see what is possible for you, our chefs are very flexible. 

Breakfast Pop Up Tricycle
Breakfast Bar Hire
Breakfast Waffles pop up

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