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Ice Pan Ice Cream Rolls Hire London UK

 Made on the Ice Pan Ice Cream Rolls hire, these new and different dessert idea is fantastic and it's popularity is growing by the day. 

Perfect for summer or winter events this fab Rolled ice cream bar will fit into any event setting.  Delicious flavours, fantastic interactive dessert idea.  Your guests will be amazed as their delicious Ice Cream Rolls are whizzed up in front of their eyes and served to them with a smile. 

What are Ice Pan Ice Cream Rolls?

Essentially it is an Ice Cream Stir Fry, delicious fruits and sweet treats are mixed on the -30 degree Ice Pan plate to create delicious Ice Cream Rolls.  Served in tubs with a spoon for your guests to enjoy.  Ice Pan Ice cream can be served with fruits, sauces, sprinkles Oreos etc.  it is simply delicious. 

Available as a stall or coming soon new Ice Cream Roll Tricycle!



ice pan bike (1).jpeg
Ice Cream Rolls
Corporate Full Bike Wrap_edited.jpg

 Ice Pan and Ice Cream Rolls Hire is available to London, Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge, Birmingham, Brighton, Bournemouth, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Exeter, York and all the places in between. Ice Pan Ice Cream Bar / Cart for events is available throughout Europe on request.

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