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Baby Dutch Pancakes Hire

Dutch Pancake Stall Hire, Dutch Puffs, Mini Pancakes 

Delicious Dutch Pancakes  to hire for your event, our dutch pancake bar serves these beautiful little delights with whipped cream, sauces and a selection of toppings. 

Served from a bar or stall by a friendly member of staff.  This is a new and different dessert for events which your clients  will love. 

Works fantastically alongside our other desserts, crepes waffles, candy floss and alike. 

What are they?

Dutch baby pancakes are similar to a yorkshire pudding, they are a small puffed pancake.  The idea for dutch puffs springs from Germany these are a take on Pfannkuchen but the current version has been updated in the US to give the mini dutch puffs we serve today.  

The ingredients used are eggs, flour, sugar and milk, they are then seasoned with vanilla, cinnamon, fruit sauces, flakes etc. to make a truly scrumptious dessert. 

Get in touch with us to hire a baby dutch pancake bar today.

FAQ's Dutch Pancakes

Do you need power? Yes 1- 2 13 amp standard sockets

How much space do you need? Minimum 1.5 x 2m. Do let us know how much room we have when enquiring so we can quote for the most suitable bar.

What is on the menu? Mini Dutch Pancakes served with Nutella, White Chocolate, Toffee Sauce, Fudge, Nuts, Smarties, Crushed Oreo, Sprinkles, Salted Caramel Crumb, Biscotti, Whipped Cream, Strawberries and Bananas.

Are Staff included? Yes, these will be included in your quotation

How long does it take to set up? 30 minutes to an hour, this can be done quietly if you need us to arrive while guests are eating or elsewhere.

Can you accommodate Dietary requirements? The Dutch pancakes themselves contain egg, gluten and dairy. We can offer alternative options for your guests, best to discuss at the time of booking so we can work out what is needed for your different requirements.

Can I add any Branding or Personalisation? Yes, you certainly can. You can brand the bar and the napkins for an additional fee.

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