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S'mores Cart Hire Catering

Delectable S'mores for events, everything you need to cater for your guests. S'mores Catering

Service Description

Indulge your sweet tooth with S'mores Cart Hire Catering. The Beautiful vintage cart comes equipped with delicious Stroopwafels, chocolate, and American marshmallows (or English chocolate and Hershey's upon request). Staff will supervise guests to safely toast their marshmallows over the chaffing flames. Such a memorable and tasty experience. With two troughs on the cart, up to 6 guests can be toasting marshmallows at a time. Don't miss out on this unique and fun catering option for your next event. 1.75m (L) x 1m (D) x 0.75m (without Roof) 1.9m (with Roof) Suitable for: Indoors or outside with shelter from sun/rain Power Requirements: None unless lighting is needed for outdoor events at night. Access: Contact us to discuss getting this into your venue.

  • Liverpool|Manchester|Leeds|Sheffield|Bristol|London|Newcastle upon Tyne|Edinburgh|Birmingham

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