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Strike a Light Game Hire

Beat the lights, challenge your opponent. Strike a light game hire for events, branding options.

Service Description

Strike a Light Game Hire. This fast-paced game is perfect for one or two players who are looking for a fun challenge. The standard mode allows players to compete against the clock and see how many lights they can extinguish in 30 seconds. The faster the buttons are pressed, the quicker the lit buttons refresh, making the gameplay really fast and furious. For those who want to take on a friend, our battle mode is perfect. Each player starts with the same number of lit buttons, and every time a player presses a lit button on one side, it lights up another on the opposite side. Get ready to strike some light and have a blast! Branding: Full brand of unit Unit Size 0.75m x 1.2m Power Requirement: 1 x 13amp socket Capacity: 60 users per hour Suitable for: Indoors or outdoors with suitable shelter.

  • Areas Covered - United Kingdom

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