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Spin the Wheel Hire - Wheel of Fortune 

Spin the Wheel Hire, Prize wheel, Wheel of Fortune

Custom branded prize wheel to hire for your event, our Wheel of Fortune is available for your exhibition or event, custom brand the unit to have your own prize options or even forfeits.  What ever you need for your event. 

Delivered to your event by a friendly member of staff.  This is a fabulous attraction for your exhibition stand or corporate event.

Works fantastically alongside our other games and stalls. 

What is it?

A TV style spin the wheel, easily installed into any venue.  You design your back panel to display the options needed for your guests.  

Clients have used this as a dare wheel, win or forfeit all sorts of different options, it's a super fun option for any event. 

Get in touch with us to hire a spin the wheel of fortune today. 





FAQ's Spin the Wheel

Do you need power?  Yes 1- 2  13 amp standard sockets

How much space do you need?  This is a small footprint item, 1m x 50cm is ample for floor space.

Are Staff included? No, we just deliver this one but you can add staff if required.  

How long does it take to set up?  10 - 15 minutes. 

Can I add any Branding or Personalisation?  Yes, you certainly can.  You can brand the back panel and the upright stand with your own design. 


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